HAZI’s training programme for the first semester of 2022 is now available.
We have come to the end of the POCTEFA Canopée project in which HAZI has been working to adapt the Pyrenean forests to climate change.
The digitalization of rural areas has long been a priority for the Basque Government.
The Basque Government has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of family farming in the Basque Country.
For people with the Eusko Label. Like you.
Our fish is so irresistible that anyone who knows it well will fall in love.
HAZI and 23 Basque companies are taking part in the Salón Gourmets Trade Fair.
The Hauser & Wirth gallery in Somerset (United Kingdom) is offering its visitors a wide range of gourmet foods and wines from the Basque Country.
The call for women to be better represented in public positions is the focal point of the International Day of Rural Women.
“Gure ostalaritzan, Basque Wine”, a programme to support the catering sector through high-quality Basque Country beverages
The high-quality Basque Country salt has been certified with the Eusko Label.
Consumers can now apply for On Egin vouchers.