“Gure ostalaritzan, Basque Wine”, a programme to support the catering sector through high-quality Basque Country beverages

The Catering Associations of Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Araba (AHB, AEHG, SEA Hostelería and GasteizOn), along with the Basque Government and, on its behalf, HAZI, have signed an agreement for the promotion of Basque Country beverages falling under the name “Basque Wine”. The aim is to support, through joint collaboration, two of the sectors most affected by the pandemic: the catering sector and Basque wineries. This cooperation involves members of the catering sector signing up to the “Gure Ostalaritzan, Basque Wine” programme.



With this voluntary participation, they agree to offer the full range of high-quality beverages produced in the Basque Country in their establishments. In exchange, they receive a series of incentives such as the brand’s promotional gifts, free products and discounts when purchasing the beverages. “Basque Wine” is a promotional brand being developed by the Basque government to seek new sales channels for the various wines, ciders and craft beers produced in the Basque Country. The catering sector could be a very important channel if it were to prioritise the sale of local products.

The programme will start on 1 July and will last for several months. During this time, the goal is to create greater loyalty in the sale of these products. This will benefit the catering sector, the wineries in the Basque Country and the consumers who go to the establishments.


Beverages under the “Basque Wine” brand


The beverages under the “Basque Wine” brand are those covered by the following Designations of Origin and collective brands:


DOCa Rioja wine
Those that have completed the production, ageing and bottling process in the Basque Country with at least 85% of grapes produced in the Rioja Alavesa district, and whose label specifies this (such as Vino de Zona, Vino de Municipio or Viñedo Singular).


Those falling under the “Txakoli de Alava-Arabako Txakolina”, “Bizkaiko Txakolina-Txakoli de Bizkaia” and “Txakoli de Getaria-Getariako Txakolina” DOs.


“Basque Beer” brand craft beers.


Those falling under the “Euskal Sagardoa – _Sidra Natural del País Vasco” Cider DO.


MORE INFORMATION Ángel Rocha: 607 52 15 42

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